Bow legged women

Topic: Bow legged women

A Brief Introduction:

The term bowleg refers to outward curve of the legs. Bowleg term is also popularly known as genu varum. Bowleg is considered as abnormal among children because if it is not treated well, it can lead to certain physical deformation of bones among adults as well.

How bow leg can affect our lives?

Bow leg problem is very common, especially among women. This issue not only causes physical issues but also affects our social lives. This problem may result in self-inferiority, self-discomfort and self-diminishment. Furthermore, bowlegs are also said to create strain to your bones and joints of the legs. This further leads to osteoarthritis, flat footedness and gonarthrosis.

Different types of leg curvatures:

Ideal legs are straight and non-bandy legs which let them have an attractive look. Commonly we have got three major types of leg curvatures which are discussed below:

  1. In O Shaped leg curvature, the ankles come in deformation forming the shape of letter o while the ankles are touching.
  2. In X-Shaped leg curvature, the ankles are quite apart while the legs together form the look of a letter x.
  3. Other than this, we have got another common curvature named as false shin curvature. It is very visible but this occurs as the cause of muscle tissue distribution.

Symptoms of Bowed legs:

The most common symptoms of bowed legs include awkward walking pattern. Though bowed legs do not cause any pain but it may result in certain discomfort in knees, ankles or hips.

Recovering from Bowed Legs:

But you don’t need to be upset with this if you don’t possess attractive legs. There are many ways which can help you to fix the issue of bowed legs and make your legs straight and attractive enough. Modern science provides you with treatment for recovering from any kind of health issue/disease. Similarly, it also offers you with solving aesthetic and bow legged issues.

Now you have got three major choices to select from. Let’s have a watch out at what are these.

  1. You can leave your legs as it is they are i.e. ugly bowed legs. Hate them, feel embarrassed and continue your life in discomfort. But remember this could lead you to several heath issues like a pain in joints, arthritis at a later stage of life.
  2. Next option is to go for a surgical treatment to recover from bowed legs. But remember this could result in a number of various serious complications and risks. And it is not sure that after undergoing the surgical treatment, you will be able to get attractive straight legs. And might be the situation even gets worse. Plus this tends to cost you in between $10,000-$30,000.
  3. Another great yet ideal and safe option is to go with natural treatment/remedy for recovering from bowed legs.

Risks That May Cause Dangers While Undergoing Surgical Treatment for getting rid of bowed legs:

Below are the risks which cause dangers for bow legged women when undergoing certain surgical treatment.

  1. Majority surgical treatments may help you recover from bow legged issues. Often these treatments end up with a removal of tibia and breakage of fibula that helps straighten your bones. This may cause pain and certain discomfort after you are done with the surgery.
  2. Bow legged women, there is no guarantee that you will recover from bow legged issues in a properly way after surgery.
  3. Moreover, there is always a risk of getting a bone infection after surgery. This infection is named as osteomyelitis and it is said to be generated via a bacteria that enters the body through the path of an open wound.
  4. Also, the surgical treatment may cause certain damage in the nerve which may lead to cause issues in the lower leg and in serious cases the patient may lose his entire leg.
  5. After surgery, a patient is recommended to take complete bed rest. And they are not allowed to move for 2-3 months. They are made a stay in metal clamps on their legs. This further may lead to weight gain issues and partial muscle atrophy issues. Also, for an employed person it is hard to take off the work.
  6. Some surgical treatments leave the patients with scarring looks of their bow legs which make them feel scared, embarrassed and feel more painful.
  7. The final risk that may be caused due to surgical treatment is the financial issue. The costs of this treatment range between $10,000 and $30,000 which is too expensive.


Get Your Legs Shaped with a natural yet safe treatment:

The ideal and perfect option for the bow legged women is to go with the option of natural treatment. It is a safe option. You can get your legs shaped in a better yet attractive way without undergoing any risky and surgical treatment. It really makes you feel amazing when you are fit in all means. Natural treatment lets you solve all your aesthetic issues and bow leg problems.

The natural treatment allows you to treat yourself while sitting at homes. There are certain top effective exercises that might also help you to get rid of bow legged and knock knees issues (o curvature and x curvature). There are other such effective proven yet natural formulas that can also help you out in getting rid of this issue. Natural treatments for bow legs issues tend to be more quick and effective routes for perfecting and shaping your legs.

Thus, don’t waste your time over surgical treatments. So it is advised to bow legged women to go through a natural treatment and attractively shape their legs in a natural yet effective manner.