treatment for bacterial vaginosis

Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis written by: Shevchenkoh Bacterial Vaginosis is a common bacterial infection of the vagina. Originally it was called Gardnerella vaginosis after a specific type of bacteria thought to be the cause. However, as years passed, several species were discovered to be related at which time it took on its current name covering a broader scale of bacteria. This condition occurs when there if a significant increase in harmful bacteria in the vagina.The infection is curable but does lower your immune system. Thus making your body more susceptible to HIV and many other sexually transmitted diseases.

Itching, burning during urination, redness, soreness, and a fish-like odor are all signs and symptoms. There can also be a light discharge with white or gray color. The amount that is considered normal or too much varies from woman to woman and whether or not it is accompanied with any other symptoms.

As to what causes Bacterial Vaginosis is unclear. Researchers have been baffled for years. Only two known causes exist and there is still uncertainty that they are indeed causes. The first is changing sexual partners or having too many sexual partners. The other is douching with non-sterile fluids.

The vagina has its own cleaning system. Lactobacilli produce hydrogen peroxide which is a natural cleaner. When there is an overproduction of bacteria, this feature is decreased giving bacteria a more suitable home to grow in.


The first step to treating bacterial vaginosis is to see a physician so that the exact type of bacteria can be determined. Don’t assume that it’s just a yeast infection. They are not the same. If you chose the wrong antibacterial medication, then there is a chance that you can worsen the problem or not receive any relief.

Since our bodies are different, the doctor may choose a cream or oral dosage. Most infections are cured within 3-7 nights of treatment with Cleocin 2% vaginal cream. The advantages of a cream is that it often relieves any discomfort, itching, or pain within the first night.Oral medications such as Metronidazole, work quickly as well seeing relief after the 3rd day. Even though you might see signs and symptoms disappear, it is important to finish the dosage that your physician has prescribed.


If you find that you have bacterial vaginosis, the first thing that many people will tell you is that you should see a doctor and get a round of antibiotics. However, for many people this is not necessary, nor is it always the best idea. Many people do not realize that there is an effective alternative treatment for bacterial vaginosis. The problem with antibiotics is that they will kill off both the good and bad-bacteria in your system. This leaves you having to replace the good bacteria so that your body will function properly. In the case of bacterial vaginosis, there are several alternative treatment options that can be just as effective as antibiotics without the unpleasant side effects.

When it comes to alternative treatment options for bacterial vaginosis, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind.

First, it is helpful to know what exactly causes bacterial vaginosis, as some people may think that its caused by poor hygiene. In reality, bacterial vaginosis is mainly caused by over development of certain bacteria (bad bacteria) in your vagina. There is normally a balance between the bad and good bacteria in your vagina as a result of hormonal balance in the vigina. Upset of this balance causes excess duplication or growth of the bad bacteria resulting to bacterial vaginosis.This upset could be brought by perfumes, scented soaps, or douching.

If you’re looking for alternative treatment for bacterial vaginosis, then it helps to keep in mind that what you are trying to do is kill off bad bacteria in the vaginal area by reintroducing the good bacteria. There many ways you can achieve this and one of the simplest way is by eating unsweetened yogurt. Introduce yogurt into your daily diet. You’ll also have to insert some yogurt straight into your vigina to speed up the reintroduction of good bacteria process. You can do this by soaking a tampon in yogurt then inserting it and leaving it in for a few hours. The bacteria in the yogurt will help to kill off the bad bacteria in the vagina while strengthening the good bacteria. If you decide to use this alternative treatment for bacterial vaginosis make absolutely sure that you are using unsweetened yogurt, as any sugar added to the yogurt will make your problem worse instead of better.


As with any condition, the best treatment possible is prevention. After urination be sure to wipe from front to back. This prevents any bacteria from entering the vagina. Wash before and after intercourse with an antibacterial soap.

While you’re looking for a perfect way of replacing the good bacteria in the vagina you will also want to take steps to ensure that your vaginal area stays clean and dry. This will increase the effectiveness of your alternative treatment for bacterial vaginosis, and help to keep you out of the doctor’s office. The best way to keep your vagina clean is to bathe every day. However, you should wash your vaginal area with plain water only. Soaps or scented lotions will tend to upset the natural balance of bacteria and will probably make your bacterial vaginosis worse. You will also want to switch to clothes that maximize the amount of air flow to your vagina. These include cotton underpants and loose skirts. Steer clear of tight clothing. The vagina needs ventilation so cotton underwear are best. The reason is that cotton is a light woven material that allows air flow and absorbs moisture.

Anything that can irritate your skin causes tiny lesions that bacteria can hide and breed in. Therefore, no strong perfumes and harsh detergents. Also limit the time you spend in those sexy panties. Their close woven threads don’t allow much ventilation. Dyes that are used in them can cause irritation as well.

The bottom line, don’t hesitate if you notice something wrong down there. Untreated infections can lead to much more severe problems.

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